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Nutritional Supplements

The ingredients in these supplements will enhance clarity, energy and lightness. Keeping your body healthy and nourished, and your mind clear.

Collagen Elixir

Gluten-Free | Soy-Free | Non-GMO | Dairy-Free

Glow Radiantly, Live Beautifully

Infused with an innovative blend of marine collagen peptides and powerful botanicals, Collagen Elixir™ indulges your skin with both beauty and nourishment from the inside out.

  • Helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by improving skin elasticity with 5 grams of marine collagen peptides.*
  • Maintain a more youthful appearance with increased collagen production.*
  • Protect against the damaging effects of photoaging.*
  • Enjoy an excellent source of vitamin C, zinc, and biotin.*
  • Boast a healthy glow with a powerful beauty blend of superfoods.*
  • Experience a glow up with extra support for hair and nails.*
  • Taste the glow of wild berries and hints of sweet botanicals.

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Plant-Based Whole Blend IsaLean® Shake

Dairy-Free | Gluten-Free | Soy-Free | Vegan | Non GMO

When you meet your dairy-free soul mate, you just know. Plant-Based Whole Blend IsaLean® Shake is the vitamin-rich hero you love at first blend. Time to ghost all those other thirsty shakes.

  • Nourish simply. Essential vitamins and minerals sourced from organic whole foods — ones you didn’t have to spend all afternoon shopping for.
  • Whole Blend means a wholesome meal. Meet your new favorite meal replacement. Not a snack, not a backup option — this is the real (whole) deal.
  • It just fits. 100% whole foods and 100% plant protein. You don’t have to compromise.
  • Made for each other. A complete amino acid profile for an energetic balance of protein, carbs, and good fats.

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Whey-Based Whole Blend IsaLean® Shake

Gluten-Free| Soy-Free | Non-GMO

A complete meal sourced from nutrient-rich superfoods and made fresh every day — all without a trip to the store? Impossible? Nope. We just call it Whole Blend. The vitamins and minerals from your favorite veggies just moved in together. Produce aisle, meet shake canister. Update: They let the high-quality whey protein move in, too.

  • Convenient & complete. A whole-food meal that can help you feel fuller, longer.
  • Simply sweet. 1 gram of added sugar.
  • Level up. A metabolism boost straight from the blender.
  • The vitamin rainbow. Vitamin diversity sourced from organic whole foods.
  • A complete amino acid profile for an energetic balance of protein, carbs, and good fats.

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Ionix® Supreme

Dairy-Free | Gluten-Free | Soy-Free | Vegetarian

Stress happens. Just don’t make it your next long-term relationship. Mother Nature provided plenty of tools for staying focused and conquering stress. You get the best of them in this nutrient-rich, adaptogenic elixir.*

  • Adapt naturally. Made with natural adaptogens like ashwagandha, eleuthero root and rhodiola.
  • Stay away, fake stuff. No artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners.
  • Pick your antidote. Liquid, powder, or convenient individual sticks. PICK the CANISTER* the liquid form is not my favorite!

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Natural Accelerator™

Dairy-Free | Gluten-Free | Soy-Free | Vegetarian

Do you want to boost your metabolism and burn unnecessary fat?
Natural Accelerator™ is thermogenic, metabolic, fat-burning help without the junk.* Turn up the heat on defeat.

  • Burn clean. Dairy-, gluten-, soy- and filler-free.
  • Fast faster. Natural Accelerator supports metabolism to help your body burn more calories naturally, making it a great choice for intermittent fasting.*
  • Trusted ingredients. Green tea, ginger, cayenne, and cacao seed. Cultures have been using these fantastic fat burners for thousands of years.
  • Everyday support. No need to slow down — Natural Accelerator is safe to use any day, not just on fasting days.

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Organic Greens

Organic Greens from Isagenix tastes amazing. Let’s repeat it for those in the back: It tastes minty and cucumbery and amazing! And with two whole servings of veggies from spinach and kale -- plus superfoods for that extra oomph -- it’s got even more nutrition than your typical green drink powder.

  • Easy, convenient, tasty. Don’t let life get in the way of fresh veggies. Here’s a simple scoop for two servings of organic veggie goodness.
  • "Don’t forget to drink your veggies."" That’s what supermoms say about the easiest way to get your superfoods.
  • Minimal processing for maximum nutrition. Organic Greens is cold processed for maximum nutritional retention.
  • Family safe. If you’re expecting, expect good things. Organic Greens is safe for kids ages 4 and up can be used during pregnancy.

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