Aligned + Nourished - Philosophy

Aligned + Nourished: Philosophy

My Food Philospohy

"Whether the intention is having a more convenient healthy diet, weight loss, gut health, boosting natural energy, detoxing, creating emotional balance... our daily food choices are the answer." -Heather

I think we are all continuously learning about our body, mind and Spirit, and how to care for ourselves by meeting our individual nutritional needs. It can be challenging to develop a sustainable food plan/routine that brings balance and reflects your personal ethics, goals, and intentions. When you do have this in place, you realize what a key part your diet plays in your energy levels, mental clarity, and how nutrition effects your overall health and well-being. I’m so excited to share my nutrition programs that have made cleansing my body and sustaining a healthy, balanced diet so much easier.

As a yogi I believe that eating is perhaps the single most important act for your overall health and alignment on and off the mat. Just think about it, nourishment of your body’s tissues forms a foundation for nourishment of your energetic body, your powerful mind and your emotions.

The reality is, even if we are doing our best to eat lots of living foods, as organic as possible…most of our food these days is grown in depleted soil. Our fruits and veggies are simply not packed with the vitamins, minerals and nutrients that they once were. Plus, there are things like preservatives, hormones and pesticide that sneak in and cause imbalance in the body. This is why I choose to supplement! Isagenix has been such a nice addition to my already clean diet. And it is the only company that meets all of my criteria in a supplement as well as the only company offering a whole-body cellular cleanse. I have experienced so many benefits from adding a few simple but powerful things to my daily routine, which is why I have to share it with you.

Creating a balanced diet for our individual constitution is a practice in listening to our body and strengthening our awareness about what we are eating. Just like our asana practice when we listen to our body on the mat. These programs can help you strengthen your intuition and trust the wisdom of your body again. This is a personal life practice, because what you need as an individual may be very different from what I need. And what you need at this moment in your life, may be very different from what you needed five years ago, or what you will need five years from now.

When we eat, we are feeding not only our body but our mind and our spirit. I urge you to spend some time educating yourself on what I’m sharing with you. Not just about the possible benefits you’ll gain but also about the origins and properties of the food. I partnered with this company because I aligned with them on so many levels...everything is GMO free, sustainably sourced in places all over the world where the soil is still rich with minerals, third-party tested, with science backed benefits. They give back to communities in need all over the world, because they believe as do i that we all deserve to be happy healthy and free. As a Yogi I know that my choices are not only about serving myself but also serving my clients, Mother Earth and the world in an authentic way.

This is how we live our yoga! It's time to take our yoga off the mat and to the table. As you do this it’s essential that you listen to yourself because you hold all the answers to what you need, inside you. The wisdom of your body is waiting for you to listen. As you try new things and continue to practice, you’ll start to know what kinds of foods and supplements might serve you best in each moment. As you explore the parameters of your own nourishing, balanced diet, allow for some flexibility. Remember to be gentle with yourself and patient with your body as you introduce new ways of being. Lasting change takes time so adapt the pace of nature and let yourself evolve into a healthier version of you. Its time! And remember that yoga is all about freedom, so I hope to inspire freedom, healthy choices and flexibility in your diet as well.

Please know that I am here for you and available for private consultations on yoga and or creating a nutrition program to serve your needs right now. I’m wishing you love, light, health and happiness.